5e conférence européenne Biomass PowerON

11.10.2023 – 12.10.2023 Stockholm, Sweden

After last year successful edition in Hamburg, with almost 100 biomass specialists and nearly 30 excellent speakers, we have pleasure to invite you to the 5th European Conference Biomass PowerON taking place on 11-12 October 2023. This year we are moving back to Stockholm, Sweden.

In the face of an energy crisis and rising interest in cleaner energy sources Europe is turning to possibilities that biomass and pellets offer. Change of the heat and power feedstock is crucial from the point view of European energy security, as well as climate change mitigation.This year, among other topics, we are focusing on usage of biomass and pellets for heat and power generation, role of bioenergy in decarbonisation as well as on perspective of forest industry on the higher demand for wood biomass and pellets.Also, as many discussions are on within EU in terms of policies and regulations for green solutions and biomass’ place among them, we will be discussing the influence of legislation on the bioenergy sector.